Zero waste concrete supply and installer - 'the kaitiakitanga way'

eConcrete – provides the happy medium, the most convenient mix on-site service that supplies batched on-site concrete & screed when you want, where you want, and in whatever quantities you need. So we deliver the exact amount you need. No more, No less.

Onsite/mobile batch plant

Set up concrete batching plants anywhere in NZ producing 20 MPA to 30MPA. We can also provide other mix designs.

Night works/ Day works

Roading crossings, footpaths reinstatements, speed tables (With TMP), driveways.

Concrete services

Driveways, footpaths, road panel replacement, residential slabs, retaining walls, patios.

Other Product offerings

Concrete cutting and drilling Supply of steel, building, and construction, TMP (Traffic Management Plan), Chorus fiber cabling, fencing, yard, landscaping. 


Technology and Equipment

Here at eConcrete Ltd, we invest heavily in the latest and greatest technology. We feel this is a worthwhile investment as it means only the best for you. Our state of the art efficient mixers means that we can produce ready mix concrete on-site to the exact amount that you require for your job, meaning there is no leftover wastage and you get the exact amount of fresh concrete that you paid for.



recent projects

Successful projects around New Zealand

Here at eConcrete we pride ourselves on our versatility of location and production.  With that we extend the same versatility to our list and variance of clients and we extend a warm welcome to all our new clients.

experience & technology

The concrete is always fresh

Since the concrete is made on the spot, the water/cement ratio is exact.  There is never a need to add water to an old mix.  This means the concrete can achieve its peak strength.

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Here at econcrete one of our focuses is, our impact as a company on the environment whilst providing the best possible product at competitive prices to our customer.

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